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Welcome, You have reached the inner sanctum of perversity

PPAD, an all male society of total perversity, wreaking havoc on innocent school teachers and similar oppressive authority figures with our vandalism. PPAD believes in a few simple things, Internet vandalism (i.e. message board bombing, and email spamming etc.), graffiti of a perverse content being strewn throughout public domain with the right to publicly claim your work without a silly citation or misdemeanor arrest, and the retraction of women's rights because they are the ones that usually give vandals grief. An unnatural hatred for women's rights activism and their holier than though elitism, has forced PPAD to lock horns with these burgeoning beasts. If you are a man please enjoy the site.

Pervsity Update

Sorry current members, the new server move has left two pages offline: Heroes of PPAD and the Trail of Perversity they should be operational shortly. Good luck on your endeavours and lets abolish 19!!!
Seal of Perversiveness

Our trademark.

Membership in PPAD

PPAD has welcome all people regardless of race, religion or creed, the only criteria being that you are not classified as a "dwarf, midget, or other smaller than average entity...(by laws section 9)" and that you of course are not "femine in physicality or nature...(by laws section 1)."
PPAD membership offers you the ability to:

*Use bullying tactics on message board moderators.

*Protection against lowly special interest groups trying to "tone down" your remarks

*NRA, Beer Drinkers of America, and PPAD congruent membership eligibility


Celebrating our victory of repealing Amendment 18

Our forefathers throwing back a few at the saloon, notice prostitute next to Elmer.

PPAD(c) Serving man since 1920